What to do After a Flood

It doesn't matter how water or flooding enters any building, the real question is what to do after a flood.  Homeowners in Naperville have flooding from rain storms, plugged drains, failed footer drains, broken pipes, and failed sump pump.  The first task is always to stop the water and get rid of the water as fast as possible.  Rent equipment if necessary, but don't let the water stay for more than a day.

Naperville Mold Sickness

No matter how much we love our homes, they can become a literal threat to our health.  All building are "Closed Systems" meaning that they are sealed to prevent heat loss in the winter, or heat invasion in the summer.  Homes and buildings cycle and recyle the air through heat ducts sharing the air with other areas that may be the source of odors, pollution, bacteria, dust and debris, pollen, and mold spores.