Extreme Mold Inspection in Naperville

Extreme Mold InspectionThe mold inspection industry is a mixture of good and bad players.  Naperville Mold Inspection has determined to stand out as the leading, professional mold inspection service.  A big part of the challenge is transparent and honest.  Too often, less reputable mold inspection service makes every mold inspection into a scare opportunity.  Many mold problems are easily and affordably solved.

So, we now include our Extreme Mold Inspection service that includes an IR camera, a particle counter, and a VOC meter test in addition to our full visual inspection.  Our fully transparent system allows the customer to literally "See What We See" and understand the true nature of the mold issue.  

The Extreme Mold Inspection would normally cost $299, but we want to cut through the noise and lead the way.  So, we offer this our Extreme Mold Inspection for just $99, but this is a limited time offer.