Naperville Mold Sickness

No matter how much we love our homes, they can become a literal threat to our health.  All building are "Closed Systems" meaning that they are sealed to prevent heat loss in the winter, or heat invasion in the summer.  Homes and buildings cycle and recyle the air through heat ducts sharing the air with other areas that may be the source of odors, pollution, bacteria, dust and debris, pollen, and mold spores.

Mold is never, ever a good or tolerable option for any building.  All mold causes damage to wood, spreads spores, and produces mycotoxins.  Mold is either allergenic or toxigenic.  It is never good for people and pets in the building.  And, the longer mold is allowed to grow in the building, the worse things will get.

Odd odors are nature's warning signal that something is wrong.  Naperville Mold Inspection can solve the problems that aggravate the health conditions of family members and employees.  We deal with odor removal, environmental health threats, and mold sickness.

If anyone on the family suffers from allergies, asthma, chronic illnesses, chemical sensitivities, or weak immune system; the need to evaluate the house or workplace are is a big part of the health evaluation.  

Naperville Mold Inspectors are trained to do more than find and treat mold problems.  They also know that mold is a type of biohazard and health concern.  To determine is your home or workplace is making you sick, call on Naperville Mold Inspection to evaluate any potential mold threat.