Attic Mold in Naperville

Naperville Attic MoldAttic mold in Naperville is fairly common.  There are some important reasons that mold grows in an attic.  The biggest cause of attic mold is poor ventilation.  Water leaks will also cause mold growth unless quickly solved.  Finally, large overhanging tree can prevent the attic from proper drying in moist weather.

Attic have big temperature changes day after day.  There can be a dry 95 degree day followed by a cold rainy night.  The spring can bring a month of rain.  The summer can be days of muggy, high-humidity days.  So, the attic can accumulate moisture that stays too long and permits mold growth.

Attics depend on convection, meaning hot air rising, to properly ventilate the attic.  Air flow allows the air to dry the wood.  Convection draws the cool air in through the vents, and pushes it out the vents higher on the roof.  Then, there is the problem of large overhanging trees that do not allow the warmth of the sun to dry the roof.

Mold in the attic never gets better, and will certainly stall or kill the sale of the home.  Most people can't discern whether a dark spot is mold or just aging or the metal color from nails.  Naperville Mold Inspections will always give you the facts and an honest evolution.