Mold Sickness is CIRS

Mold sickness is not a true allergy.  It is often something called "Chronic Imflammatory Response Syndrome" (CIRS), which and it is difficult to diagnose and solve.  It helps to know that mold produces more than spores.  It produces toxins, or mycotoxoins.  Some might classify them as biotoxins

Biotoxins are recognized by the T-cells as a foreign invader.  In genetically compromised individuals, however, the T-cells are thwarted in their attempts. They are missing part of the instructions contained in that gene needed to complete the process.

The T-cells keep releasing pro-inflammatory cytokines, that block and eventually damage, receptors in the hypothalamus leading to fatigue, poor concentration, and short-term memory problems, that are the hallmark of CIRS.

These symptoms are summarized into clusters of symptoms:


If you have just one or two symptoms, like fatigue, or insomnia, then it is not likely CIRS. CIRS typically involves symptoms from at least six clusters and commonly up to ten symptom clusters.