Find Mold Inspector Naperville

A mold inspection is more than determining the presence of mold.  You already know that mold or mildew is an issue before you call.  The job of the mold inpsector is to determine the cause of the mold problem, the extent of the mold threat, and suggest the best solutions to remove the mold.  This is where the most important decisions are made!

Mold Testing Assures a Healthy Home

Our professionals always conduct a visual inspection (top to bottom) to verify if there is a visible mold problem.  This is often the best way to pinpoint any mold concerns.  We also conduct infrared temperature testing looking for cool spots that reveal hidden water or mold issue.  We will also use a moisture meter probe to isolate the areas where moisture is found. We cannot over-emphasize the value of an experienced professional giving the building a thorough inspection.

Mold In the Attic - Naperville

One of the common events is getting a call about mold in the attic.  Recently, we had such a call from a new condo owner.  A previous inspection (Free, of course) found mold in the duct system and asked for $750 to solve the "Horrible Black Mold growing in the ducts."  This is typical scare tactics to push unaware customers into a needless, expensive mold treatment.

Mold Allergies in Naperville IL

Most mold types are allergenic.  A few are toxigenic, meaning that can cause sickness in the family.  If the mold in your home or office is one of the many allergenic types, people in the home or office may be not reactive to the allergen.  Others will have mild to severe reactions that may seem like semi-normal problems.  Rashes, itchy eyes, tiredness, sneezing, and headaches can be attributed to a variety of non-mold allergy possibilities.